Herní kupony

For over 14 years we’ve been selling gaming gift cards online in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our customers benefit from our local customer support, many payment methods and ever expanding product range.

Herní kupony

Years on the market


Payment methods

250 M EUR

Annual company turnover


Types of gift cards

Illustration of the history of the Herní-kupony.cz project.


The e-shop Herní-kupony.cz  was founded in 2010 and focused its assortment on gift cards for games, while other physical and online stores focused on gaming sold mostly games as such.

Herní-kupony.cz also brought several other significant advantages to its customers, thanks to which the gaming community quickly liked it. The project therefore grows steadily.

Benefits for customers

Our customers appreciate a large selection of payment methods. They can pay for gaming gift cards by mobile, transfer, card or cash. All gift cards are also sold within official cooperation with publishers, so we guarantee their functionality and price without surcharge.

If customers need help with anything, they can contact professional Czech-speaking customer support, which is not a standard for many competing services. Another benefit is extra fast delivery, which takes place by email immediately after payment of the order. If someone buys coupons as a gift, they can also use gift wrapping, where the coupon arrives professionally printed and in a gift envelope.

Offer of gaming gift cards

The portfolio started with gift cards for MMORPG and browser games by InnoGames and Gameforge studios, which were very popular when the project was founded. Over time, the offer grew with other relevant products like prepaid cards for Steam, paysafecard, Blizzard, Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox, and later also with coupons for services like Twitch or Netflix.

Thanks to the wide range of game coupons and payment methods, Herní kupony are the long-term leader in the market of gaming gift cards and hold this position. The possibility to buy a game, game subscription or VOD service without using a payment card is considered by customers to be one of the most essential advantages of the Herní-kupony.cz project. Gift cards often also serve as a gift.

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