Givery provides many ways to easily and comfortably buy gift cards for a gift or for personal use. We offer gift cards for experiences, electronics, clothes, cosmetics and more. We are able to deliver them either electronically or gift wrapped.


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History and benefits of the project

In 2019, our original project focused purely on game coupons was joined by the e-shop Givery.cz . Both projects are based on the same building blocks. Gift cards, professionalism, and fairness.

We sell gift cards exclusively within official cooperation with publishers, so they are always functional and their price corresponds to their nominal value. Customers can pay by several payment methods and we can deliver gift cards by email immediately after payment of the order or physically in gift wrapping.

Wide range of gift cards

Givery has a wide range of gift cards including gift cards for electronics, fashion, drugstore, games, experiences or VOD services. On Givery you can find gift cards for men, women and children - regardless of their age and hobbies. The majority of customers use Givery.cz to buy a gift and not to buy a voucher for their own needs. However, if someone does not want to pay by card, for example in a foreign fashion e-shop, they will gladly use Givery to buy gift cards for their own use.

If customers need help with anything, they can contact professional Czech-speaking customer support, which is not a standard for many competing services. Another benefit is extra fast delivery, which takes place by email immediately after payment of the order. If someone buys vouchers as a gift, they can also use gift wrapping, where the voucher arrives professionally printed and in a gift envelope.

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