Payment service


The Foxee payment service will help customers to pay for products, services, microtransactions and online entertainment more easily. We plan to launch it in 2024. Foxee will be integrated into our e-shops and the systems of selected partners.

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Online sales of gift cards

Why is Foxee being created?

We have been working in the gift card industry for over 13 years. As a result, we know how important it is for customers to have a variety of payment methods, security, convenience and speed when they shop online.

But every payment method has its own risks. That is why we have developed security processes to protect our partners, our customers and ourselves. We have used this expertise to create our own local payment service, Foxee.

In-store sales of gift cards on hundreds of POS

Key features of Foxee

The most important part of the Foxee service will be an online wallet. Customers will be able to load it with one of the many payment methods we have years of experience with. The payment gateway that will process the payments will also be an essential part. Immediate P2P payments between users will also be available.