Retail voucher

We specialise in distribution of games,
in-game currencies and e-money vouchers to our retail customers.

for our partners

We are currently finalizing a distributive system of in-game currencies and prepaid gift cards for our business partners.


We plan to develop an innovative payment gateway for both regular and alternative payments that will be available as a white label solution.



    We want payments in the online word to be fun and that is why we have been running an ambitious project of for 9 years by now. This project offers our customers safe and comfortable online payments system.


    We want to move forward and that is why we are currently planning to expand our portfolio. Our next step is to implement new payment services including cash, cashless and mobile transactions, to ensure all the transfers done with us are safe and secure.


Our company EGIT s.r.o. was founded in 2010. The well-established gaming e-shop slowly started to expand its portfolio. Though instead of selling games, they decided to take a turn in a direction that nobody else on the local market dared to take in that time – they decided to offer prepaid vouchers for big gaming platforms. Vouchers for Gameforge games or Ukash helped the company to rise and expand more than anyone expected.

Today, Herní kupony is the biggest specialized online retail store for prepaid vouchers and gaming currencies on the Czech and Slovak market. We offer vouchers for most of the big gaming platforms, such as PlayStation, Xbox or Blizzard. Since 2015 we have also became a distributor of paysafecard vouchers. In 2017, we became a partner of MAFRA under the Dárkomat project.

Currently we are working on developing a distributional network of these vouchers for our partners. We love both games and payments and that is exactly why we want to implement our experiences in this area. Our experiences will definitely come in handy while developing our new payment gateway that we are planning.


Registered office

EGIT s.r.o.
Vinohradská 2577/178
130 00 Praha 3 – Vinohrady
Czech Republic

Reg. number: 28121112
VAT number: CZ28121112


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